Saturday, March 10, 2012

Creative Workspaces



I share a home office and design studio with my husband - he's a landscape architect. He's creative, talented and a great work buddy. We run separate businesses so we don't fight but we end up working on a lot of the same projects together which is fun. But sharing with a 'bloke' means our design space and office are more masculine, streamlined and professional looking, there isn't a hint of pink, a floral print or anything pretty to be seen! I work mainly for male architects so it suits them too - I fear anything too 'girly' might send them running! But I would love to have one of these inspiring, colourful and creative spaces to spend my days designing in!
Melissah xox

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Melbourne Girl said...

Thanks for the ideas in these. I (we) have to re-do our study to make it a bit more functional for my newish part time job, so they've given me some ideas and motivation
Thanks again

Anonymous said...

hat's what you "guys" do! Cool! I love several elements of each of those offices. I'm in the midst of trying to set up a sewing/craft space in our spare bedroom, now named our "den". Our daughter's Barbie house, accessories, and homeschool suplies are in there as well. Talk about multi purpose!

Vanilla House said...

Beautiful as always Melissa. xx Ruth

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