Friday, July 13, 2012

High Drama

With a girlfriend's party on the weekend - 
I have decided I need something new and fabulous to wear!
I am getting a little tired of wearing the same old outfits.
I have turned into a sensible, responsible person 
putting my hard earned savings into mortgages and super
.... how boring, I'm thinking.
It's time to let my hair down a little and have some fun.
So tomorrow I'm off shopping for
an outfit that's going to 'wow' everyone.
Good-bye sensible me - even if it is only for a day!!!

Melissah xox

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Anonymous said...

I know, mortgages, how boring, eh? You go crazy, and treat yourself, girl!!

Coral and Coast said...

Lovely! Enjoy your shopping spree Melissah, that sounds like so much fun right now. I'm feeling pretty boring too with all this business planning (and spending!) have a lovely weekend :) xo K

Samantha said...

Sounds like a plan, enjoy.x

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