Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Glamour Interior

Style Envy!
 I always feel inspired when we are invited into the glamorous interiors 
of someone chic and stylish.

This gorgeous interior belongs to my favourite fashion illustrator,
Melbourne based Megan Hess.
I love everything about it ~
the walk-in-robe, the Chanel bags,
the sorbet colour palette, the Audrey prints
and Megan's amazing illustrations dotted throughout the place.

Melissah xox

photographed by armelle habib | stylist julia green | adore home

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Shannon Boyce said...

I love how glamorous these are!

Sarah said...

Megan, her work, her home everything is just gorgeous. Have you got her book yet? We just received it in Our Little Place. Diiiivine! xx

Ann said...

Loving all the images here
I wish I have that closet full of gorgeous bags and shoes.

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