Sunday, March 13, 2011

Birthday Wishes

Thank-you all for your lovely birthday wishes.

I love these party images of Kylie celebrating her birthday in true style. Kylie and I have a lot of common we are about the same age and both grew up in Melbourne. We are also both blond, petite and love dancing - where we differ is that I can't sing to save myself and my birthday, just gone, was nothing like Kylie's. In fact, I had no glittery party hat, party frock or birthday cake. I even decided I would cook rather than go out to eat as the little country retreat my husband took me to was way out of town. Having said all of that, I had the loveliest time in the cutest of cottages. It was beautifully set up for a romantic getaway with fresh flowers, heavenly scented candles and dining in style so we took advantage of our luxurious surroundings and dined in on fresh seafood, smoked salmon and vintage Moet Rose. So although my birthday celebrations were very low key I think I had just as much fun as Kylie!




The enchanted home said...

Well happy belated birthday! I don't think its so much what we do as how we do it. As long as you are doing exacty what you the key! I sometimes am in the mood for a very low key birthday, maybe a dinner out but thats about it..and as long as thats what I get to do...its considered the perfect birthday....other birthdays into more celebrating. We are all entitled to ONE day a year where we get to do exactly as we please! Wishing you a wonderful year:)

Kristin said...

HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY!!! Sounds like you had a great one :) :) Lovely post!

Kristin xo

OneCraftyFox said...

Happy Belated Melissah!! Looks like K celebrated in true girlie style, hope you did too!!

Anya adores said...

Always loved Kylie - she is cute as a button.
And love your blog - my first visit and I will be back for more for sure (I'm your newest follower:O). Hope you come and visit my blog too.
Happy sunday
A xx

Melli said...

happy belated birthday!!..glad you had a great time hugs melli xx

chateaudelille said...

Happy, happy birthday. Although Kylies pics look nice it seems like she is too spoilt and probably didnt get as much pleasure as you did. Fiona

Draffin Bears said...

Glad that you had a happy birthday and what a lovely post.
Kylie is great, we went to her concert when she came to NZ.
It was such a great show and we loved it.

Happy week

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