Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Exotic Holiday Destinations

I have just started to plan my next holiday. Now that a budget and the time of year have been set I am now faced with the difficult task of choosing a destination. Do I pick a popular romantic destination like Paris or Venice, somewhere fast paced and action packed like New York or Tokyo or do we venture further afield and pick somewhere exotic like Marrakech, Madagascar or maybe even Tahiti. Every time I pick up a new travel brochure I end up changing my mind! I am currently thinking that the photos below look like the perfect holiday destination and I am now on the hunt for a resort that looks like this!






Alleen said...

Thanks for stopping by...I love these pictures! Would love to be somewhere warm right about now! Cheers!

Elaine Biss Designs said...

Fantastic post! You selected a lovely collection of images that are just dreamy! I would love to exchange links with you! Take care!

Lindsay said...

thank you for the sweet comment on my blog...love yours- thank you for sharing!
-your newest follower (lindsay)

Little Jane St said...

Lovely images!

Andrea - Faded Plains said...

Such beautiful and inspirational photos!

OneCraftyFox said...

You have a gorgeous blog and these images are so dreamy. The first dress in the post below... HELLO!! Can I have one please? ;)

Paris is fabulous, and there is so much to do in NY!! Hope you find the perfect place for your getaway.

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Melissah,

It was wonderful to discover your beautiful blog.
Your dream holiday destination looks fabulous and looks like the perfect place for some rest and relaxation.

Happy week

Bradley said...

gorgeous post.

thanks for stopping by luella & june!

Shanequa said...

Gorgeous pics on your blog. This post puts me in the mood for a vacay. Please feel free to stop by Fashion Pad anytime and don't forget to follow the blog :-)

The enchanted home said...

First may I say the blog is soo pretty...love the colors of the blues and coral, stunning visual. Glad I found you! Anywhere is a treat to get away but Paris is always at the top of my personal list. We just came back and I did a extensive two part post on it! Please visit my new blog itsa about the building of our new home and my love for decor and design...also doing my first ever giveway, a gorgeous french chair!

Thanks...I will be back!

Audrey said...

thanks for the comment on my blog! you have a wonderful design blog, i will visit often.

fairandbeautiful. said...

thank you a lot for your comment. wow, i love it, the colours.great job. what do you mean, follow each other?
love mari.

Firefly Hill said...

your blog is lovely! i especially love your post on the color coral...one of my favorites.



El relicario said...

You have a lovely blog.
I like it too much, it's very interesting and i love the design and the photos.
Thank you for visiting me


Karena said...


I just adore your site!! Fabulous images!

Come and enter my amazing giveaway from Splenderosa!

Art by Karena

Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

Once again...gorgeous images! I'm drooling big-time. I want a holiday!!


Sophie said...

Wow I would love to go here too! where is it????
Lovely blog

Melissah from Scrapbook said...

Dear Sophie,
It is really a collection of images from various resorts around the globe and not one specific place. It is a mix of India, Bali and Morocco - collectively I thought they all created the sort of place I'd like to stay. This is how I work as an interior designer - I take a series of images and influences that inspire me then mix them all up and create something new and original. So sorry you won't be able to book in there just yet!

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