Sunday, May 1, 2011

Royal Blue Reigns

With so much interest and hype surrounding the Royal Wedding I have become an instant, overnight Royal fan. I am now in love with anything and everything British including Pimms and lemonade, Yorkshire Pudding, Twinnings English Breakfast Tea, Austin Powers and Mini Minors. I am sure it will be a short lived love affair because one can't live on Pimms and Yorkshire Pudding alone! I am feeling inspired by regal colours such as Royal Blue and gold. It's a striking and elegant combination that can make even the most humble person feel like a princess!

Dior Couture


Images were sourced from the following sites - The Alternative Wife, This Is GlamorousSimply SeductiveHaute Design, Zimbio


Lucía said...

This is such a beautiful color haha love the pictures. Who isn't obsessed about royalty after such an amazing wedding?

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