Saturday, May 28, 2011

Scandinavian Kitchen Style

I am a late bloomer and only really found out what blogging was all about six months ago. When I started to check out a few design blogs I came across a lot of very talented Scandinavian blogs. I fell in love with their very simple, clean design lines and their very defined colour palette of white on white with highlights in grey, beige and taupe. When they use colour it is restrained and muted. Their preferred  fabrics are natural and textured - namely wool, cotton and linen with lots of white painted timber. A little bit 'Shabby Chic' in style but with a modern twist. Here are a few images from a couple of great blogs that personify Scandavian style - 'Modern Country' and 'Min Lilla Veranda'.

Melissah xox
Images were sourced from the following sites - My Summer House, Sanctuary, Modern Country


Natasha said...

Having grown up in Scandinavia, I truly appreciate the design and decorating style! You mention colors and fabrics, but THE MOST important "thing" about Scan Design is the lighting!! The soft white light is not to be believed, nor duplicated, anywhere, and that is what makes the white interiors so popular! We try to capture every little bit of light, all year round, as there are months where it's just grey and rainy and dull.... One of the reasons we use candle light so much!!


Northern Light

Natasha said...

Try google translate, and you will be able to read their blogs!

Northern Light

Claudia Lane said...

Love a scandinavian lived in, unpretentious and relaxed...just what I like :)

M.A.the2nd said...

Dear Melissah ... this is my second attempt at commenting! Blogger is going crazy! I love your post and everything Gustavian ..... love also your pics of Bora Bora ..... you looked stunning!
best wishes

Anonymous said...

Hi, have recently found Scrapbook and I love this mixture of fashion, interior, travel and so many beautiful pics.

Anna, Stockholm

Anonymous said...

this kitchen is amazing! your blog is lovely and I will definitely be returning. also,thank you for your sweet comment on my blog :)

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