Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sophistication in Blue

I am feeling inspired by the colour blue today. It's an easy colour to decorate with as it goes with anything and looks great with everything and men just love it! You can dress it up and make it look sophisticated and elegant or dress  it down for a more casual, relaxed feel. A great colour in fashion - who can get past blue jeans? Living down the coast I am a bit of blue girl on the weekends - pink in summer but blue seems to be my colour of choice for all other seasons...must be something about having blue eyes!

Melissah xox

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Old Country Soul... said...

LOVE the dining room photo! Oh how I would love to entertain a dinner party in that room!!!

Gild and Grace said...

I don't think I'll ever tire of gorgeous shades of blue! Lovely post :)

Abbey x

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