Thursday, October 20, 2011

Spring Brights

I find that Springs brings out a lot of creativity in me - it always at this time of year I start a new project like a scrapbook, a photo album, designing a party or making my own artwork. It must be a combination of suddenly being surrounded  by so much bright colour as well as the longer days and warmer weather. I have this creative burst whereby my studio turns into a riot of colour and activity with canvases, pinboards and scrapbooks bursting with ideas!  My only problem is I usually start the next project before I get to finish the last one!

Melissah xox

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful, just beautiful! So pretty! And, I have to say, I wish I was there. We are well into fall here in Canada, and unlike most bloggers, other than the beautiful colors in the changing of the leaves, I don't like fall, at all! Fall to me represents my perennials going to sleep, and my annuals dying. Real inspiration, yeah, lol! Have a great day

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