Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Beauty Sleep

What a heavenly night's sleep you would have in any one of these luxurious bedrooms! They look so elegant and inviting in classically subdued colours such as pale grey, white and beige. I always find in hard to get past good quality white cotton bedlinen and curtains always look so chic and stylish in a bedroom. These rooms capture the imagination because they all have an unexpected twist to them whether it be a zebra skin rug, an oversized mirror, a feature bedhead or some dramatic artwork. Is this the key to a fabulous decorating scheme - an element of surprise!
Melissah xox

Images via 1-34, 5, 6, 7     


Abigail's Place said...

I love the mirror and White bed in the 4th image!
All looks so perfect and classy.
Lovely post!

Abigail x

Anonymous said...

Oh, those first two pictures, with the fluffy blanket and pillow! What a cozy place to have a great night's sleep!

Anonymous said...

Now they are my kind of bedrooms. A perfect relaxing colour combination.
Love it.

Kel x

My Beautiful World said...

Just love these looks I could find myself right at home in any of them thanks for sharing, have a lovely day my friend.

Always Wendy

Anonymous said...

Of course, I look at the art but everything is lovely. Soft and feminine.

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