Thursday, December 16, 2010

Donna Hay

My scrapbook would not be complete without paying tribute to Donna Hay who's monthly magazine never fail to inspire me. As a designer, I have great admiration for her artistic flair and creative talents. I believe that Donna Hay has been the leading figure in changing the concept of food styling into the simple, more streamline approach that is standard issue today.

Donna Hay
One of Donna's inspiring cookbooks

I have had many relaxing hours absorbed in her cooking books and magazines as well as many fun hours in the kitchen following her recipes. Donna's influence has brought life, colour and style to our table. 
Donna's monthly magazine
Inspiring Ideas
Beautiful Presentation
Great entertaining ideas
Ice-cream treats
A novel approach
I love these old fashioned straws



le@thirdontheright said...

and her homewares are a delight too :) le xox

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