Thursday, December 16, 2010

Party Time

I love throwing a good party. I always start with a theme in mind, this can be as simple as a single colour. Then apply that colour or theme to flowers, place-cards, serviettes, party decorations, balloons, personalised gift boxes and printed menus...if you can be bothered taking it that far. I think it's this attention to detail and a tightly co-ordinated colour palette that makes all the difference. 
The icing on the cake!
Depending on your creative skills, time and energy will determine how much effort you go to but even a few little bit of effort can add a lot of magic to a special occasion!

Here are a few images that I find inspiring.

Fresh & simple
Flowers on mass make a bold statement
Decorate a birthday cake to suit the theme
Party Treats
Handmade invitation & party hat
Goody Bags
A striking red & aqua theme
Attention to detail



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