Sunday, December 12, 2010

Grace Kelly - A Style Icon

Grace Kelly's style and elegance  
Hollywood star, royal bride, beloved princess - Grace Kelly lived all three roles with a style all of her own. Renowned for her cool beauty and faultless good taste, the young actress stood apart from the other film sirens of the fifties. Thousands of women, both in the US and Europe, emulated her classic yet accessible style. Her marriage to Prince Rainier of Monaco in 1956 catapulted Grace Kelly to further fame and cemented her influence on the world of fashion. From the Parisian catwalks to the pages of Vogue, the 'Grace Kelly Look' became the look of the moment. She topped America's Best Dressed List in 1956.

The Kelly Bag
Hermes Birkin named one of his bags "The Kelly Bag" after Grace. Ever since it's release it's been one of the world's most desirable fashion items. With almost every star owning one and a long waiting list for those who don't.

(her uncle was the playwright George Kelly) and attended private schools before enrolling in the American A

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Kathleen Ellis said...

She was soooo beautiful!

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