Wednesday, August 10, 2011

One Lovely Blog Award

Many thanks to Meg from The Missing Idea for nominating 'Scrapbook' for the following award - it's a lovely honor!

For the 'One Lovely Blog Award' paste the link to the blog that you have received the Award from on your blog, share seven things about yourself and list another 15 great bloggers (but not the one who nominated you!)

Firstly, I'd like to nominate Frances from
because without her I would never have been inspired to set up a blog in the first place.

Here are 14 blogs other blogs that inspire me: 

Seven things that you may not know about me:
1) I love designing and planning parties
2) I love sunshine and summer days
3) I love planning holiday wardrobes and holidays
4) I love cooking and baking for friends and family
5) My favorite dessert? Sticky Toffee Pudding
6) I love the beauty in everyday life like green grass and garden flowers
7) I have to have a little creative project on the go to keep me entertained

Planning Parties

Planning My Travel Wardrobe

Beauty In Everyday Things

Sunshine and Summer Days

 Melissah xox
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The enchanted home said...

Melissah I am so honored and humbled. Thank you so much!!! You so deserve this award......I loved learning of your 7 things, we are really kindred spirits. Parties perfect sunny summer days, cooking for family and friends, the beauty in nature and creative projects? Amazing...we are twins!! All these things are high on my list of what I love as wonder I enjoy coming here. Will be sure to properly acknowledge this award in a post, probably Friday or Saturday, will let you know. Thanks again a million!

Natasha @ Northern Light Blog said...

OMG, OMG, OMG!!!!!!
Thank you SO very much, YEAH! :)
I can't wait to tell everyone....
Melissah, I just adore your selections of images and love reading both your blogs first thing in the morning (US time) they truly brighten my day!

Thank you :)

Rachel Callaghan said...

Congratulations on the award, Melissah. I am always eager to open your blog updates as every post is gorgeous and full of beautiful images which brighten my day here in New Zealand! Inspiring! Best wishes. said...

Wow, thanks for the award, I will add this to my award blog roll with your link. Thanks again and happy to have inspired!

M.A.the2nd said...

Dear Melissah .... thank-you so very much for the honour of giving me this award. It is such a lovely thing for you to do and I am very touched. I am so glad that you started blogging and it all started out that you stumbled across my blog and couldn't believe how much we had in common! Now we have the pleasure of your artistic style here at Scrapbook and congratulations to you! I am going to be in Melbourne at the end of October and I would love to meet you!!!!!
my best wishes always and thank-you!

Anita @ GoingALittleCoastal said...

Congrats! Thank you so much Melissah for thinking of me. Sticky toffee pudding sounds really delicious and quite sinful I'm sure.

Laura said...

Oh wow, thankyou so much melissah!!! I love your gorgeous blog too!!! thats so very sweet and kind of you!! Love reading about you too and things that you like and love! will definently be checking out some of the other blogs you mentioned that i havent seen b4; and how lovely is Frances? she is just a gorgeous lady, love her blog too!!
Laura xxx

Rhônya Holman said...

Hi Melissah,
Your blog is beautiful romantic and full of amazing images. I really enjoyed reading of your 7 things we are similar. Keep up the great work and positive vibes. ^_^

Sunshine & smiles to you always! =(^.^)=

Beach House Living said...

I am very honored. Both of your blogs are simply beautiful!

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