Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Today I'm upset and embarrassed. In case you hadn't noticed I am a bit of a perfectionist. I spend hours selecting images that are well co-cordinated then I tweak the colours in photoshop so that pinks or blues or greens are all the same hue then I edit them so all the sizes match. But that's just me ... it's a bit sad I know, but I like things to be neat and perfectly matched. For me, it's all about attention to detail ... I guess that's why I'm a designer! So can you imagine my horror when I discovered today that my sweet little signature in the fancy font that I designed is only showing up on my computer and no-one elses! All you see is a big awkward signature without any flourish so I was devastated! I have now found a new font that works and I have spent a couple of hours fixing everything up ...so now I am happy again and I can sleep peacefully tonight!!!

Melissah xox

Image via Belle of The Ball 


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