Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sunday Mornings

I love lazy Sunday mornings - they are the only morning in the week where you can sleep in ....guilt free! They are best on drizzly overcast days because there's no urgency to get out of bed and make the most of a beautiful, sunny day. There's nothing better than a leisurely breakfast in bed, which my gorgeous husband makes - scrambled eggs on Sundays are his specialty. We spread out with the Sunday papers, I'll have a new magazine to flick through and I'll only get up when signs of boredom start to creep in - usually about ten o'clock. About then, I'm ready for some fresh air and exercise before I start thinking about lunch!

Melissah xox

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Kerry said...

Sounds perfect. It's a cat sitting on the end of my bed though :)

Sarah at Finishing Touch Interiors said...

Great images it sums up my day today. when we have the kids its up & out & about early but today no children just the 2 of us & lots of overdue lazing about. My partner has had an op & now home so chilling is all thats needed. Enjoy your lazing

Janell @ Isabella and Max said...

Melissah, Thanks for sending me an email, I have completely enjoyed looking around your bog! Fantastic!
(would like to feature it on my House of Fifty blog tomorrow...)

All the best and enjoy your lazy Sunday morning. Janell

...You May Say I'm A Dreamer said...

Hi Melissah, thanks for stoppinbg by my blog. I just became a follower of yours and LOVE it! Please check mine often...I'm not as good about writing as I used to be since I'm so busy flying right now, but hope to get better...thanks again,

sissie said...

Melissah, I'm so glad that you came by my blog and left such a nice comment. Your blog is lovely and I'm looking forward to getting to know you better.

I'm following you now and will be back often.


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