Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Paris Envy



I have a friend heading off to Paris tonight and I am ashamed to say but I am tinged with jealousy. I would love to be window shopping along Avenue Montaigne oohing and aahing over Dior and Chanel. I would give anything to have tea accompanied by some delicate macarons whilst admiring the stylish crowds. I would love a fix of galleries and museums served up with a large dollop of style and culture. My mouth is watering thinking of 'steak frites' in a French Brasseries oozing with ambience. But sadly for me, I will have to be contented with these beautiful images for the time being! 

Melissah xox

Images via The Alternative Wife, Simply Luxurious, This Is Glamorous, Everthing Fabulous


juditu said...

Dear Melissah,

your blog is so amazing! :) Thank you for recommend it! Have a nice day,


agnes szucs said...

Melissah, you made a beautiful blog, congrats! Thanks for your visit over on my blog.


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