Monday, June 13, 2011

Seafood Delights

Images via Donna Hay website

I had dinner last night at an amazing seafood restaurant on the coast - everything tasted so fresh that I am sure it had been caught that morning. The grilled scallops in their shells for entree were just delicious and the Atlantic salmon was crispy on the outside and so delicate on the inside that it literally melted in your month. All washed down with a bottle of my favourite New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, lots of laughter and a very indulgent chocolate 'ooze' pudding for dessert. How decadent!

Melissah xox


Meg said...

so fresh your blog,I love it!
Thanks for your comments,now I'm following u!Follow me back,if u like,on!

jacquelyn|lark+linen said...

these are almost too pretty to eat! Almost.

Sar Sar Binks said...

i love this post. thanks for finding my blog. I enjoy reading yours. your posts are very intuitive :)
have a great day,

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