Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Road Less Travelled

Images via Donna Hay magazine

It's Sunday and I always feel like getting out of the house and doing something fun like going for a drive, taking a bike ride or going for a long walk. Because I'm stuck indoors for the most of the week I am a great believer in a healthy balance of fresh air and exercise. I love this Donna Hay magazine shoot from one of her Spring Issues. It reminds me of the little MG I had in my twenties which was great for picnics and road trips. My hair never looked great at the other end but at least  I had fun getting there! I can't wait for the weather to fine up so I can take a drive in the country or down the coast looking for a pretty picnic spot to tuck into some home baked goodies!

Melissah xox


Avery @ Ornamental Habit said...

Melissah, thank you for stopping by my blog! I love your beautiful images and the way you group your posts... lovely! I am adding to you my list of blogs I follow on my page... I can't wait to see what else you do!



Josie said...

What a fun shoot! I'd love to pack this little car with a picnic and head off on a road trip!
xo Josie

Avantika Sharma said...

Hey Melissa!!
Thanks for visiting my blog.....I loved yours!! Its beautiful, all the images and colors...look forward to reading more from prizes for guessing your favorite color is pink ;)
Keep it up!!

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