Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter Inspiration

I've always put a lot of effort into Easter with Easter egg hunts, individually made up baskets of eggs for the kids complete with fluffy toy all wrapped up in cellophane and tied up with a big bow. We do the big family lunch and the table is always decked out with flowers, branches tied with ribbons and eggs and lots of pretty Easter treats. I love the thought of doing an Easter buffet out on the lawn, like the one below, but I just might wait and see what the weather is going to do before I get too carried away! The kids no longer believe in the Easter bunny but they still get pretty excited when it comes to Easter Sunday! Here are a few decorating ideas to inspire you.



Beate said...

thanks for leaving a comment in my blog. your blog is so beautiful!!
i love your pictures and your
lay-out is great!!

i will be happy to visit you again!

hug beate

Audra said...

Thanks so much for visiting my blog! I've enjoyed yours as well...I hope you and your family have a wonderful Easter.

lalaina said...

Really really cute blog! Thanks for sharing this with me. Check out mine again, I added you to my blog roll. Happy Easter!

Francesca from Façonner said...


Congratulations on creating such a lovely blog. I really love the pictures you've taken.

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pollydove said...

WOW! Gorgeous inspiration!!!!

......From London With Love said...

Lovely blog. So bright and happy!


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