Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Out of Africa

I just watched 'Out of Africa' for the uptienth time but it still never fails to make me cry. The movie had such a strong impact on me in my younger days that I ended up spending twelve weeks traveling throughout Africa on a truck safari starting off at Karen Blixon's house in Kenya. It wasn't one of my most glamorous holidays but it was certainly one of the most adventurous and definitely one of the most memorable. Now that I am older, wiser and a little better off financially if I ever revisited Africa I would travel in a little more style. These days, I am thinking this Louis Vuitton shoot is more my cup of tea! Luxury tents, beautiful LV vintage trunks, private tour guides and dining out under the stars with a table set with crystal, linen and silver. How luxurious - where do I sign up?! 



Images via Louis Vuitton website


Angela Steyn said...

LOVED this post! Such a beautiful movie and such gorgeous images!!!

Angela x

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