Friday, April 1, 2011

Let The Sun Shine

I am looking forward to a carefree, relaxed weekend - getting out and making the most of the long days before Daylight Savings ends on Sunday. I am planning on spending the weekend barefoot on the beach, a game of beach cricket might be in order or perhaps a horse ride along the beach . But then again, I might just be feeling too lazy to do anything too energetic so I'll just lie in the sun and soak up a few rays. The rest of my time will be spent drinking chilled chardonnay with some friends on our sun drenched deck thinking about what to throw on the barbeque. I might whip up a few tasty morsels like some barbeque spare ribs finishing off with grilled summer fruits and ice-cream.  


Melissah xox


Paris in Pink said...

These photos are so dreamy! Ah, how I wish I could be on the beach right now!!

Hugs from Paris xx

Camille @ Paris in Pink

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