Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter Treats

I love Easter. I love all the fresh Spring colours in pink, lemon and green. I love the bunnies, chickens and pastel coloured eggs. I think it's a magical time of the year. Whatever your religious persuasion is, there aren't many of us who don't get excited over Hot Cross Buns, spending time with family and chocolate Easter eggs! This Easter I might just try my hand at dying some eggs to decorate the table with and the ones that don't work out I'll use them for an egg and spoon race in the backyard! 



Images were sourced from the following sites - Photobucket, Cupcakes and Cashmere, My Summer House Martha Stewart, Attractive Home Designs for Less, Epicurious, The Well Apponted House, Pinterest


art of living said...

beautiful pictures, as in the post below;
thanks for sharing!

Happy Earth Day and Happy Easter!


Lucía said...

Beautiful pictures. It's true, we all love Easter Eggs

pollydove said...

Beautiful!!!! Happy Easter!

Stephanie Passon said...

Hiiiiiiii, I saw your post on another blog....a very pretty blog this one! Love it!!!!!

Check mine as well :)

Noortje said...

sooo cute! happy easter <3
xo from holland


Pretty!..Love the spring colors :-)

Meet Vanessa said...

Hello Melissah! I'm following you now and hope you follow Vanessa + Valentine back!

pretty blog you have!!!!


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