Tuesday, April 19, 2011

There's Something About Kate

Kate Hudson with her winning smile and vivacious laugh has the ability to light up a room. I have always been a fan of her light hearted, girlie romantic comedies. News of her recent pregnancy inspired me to dig up some images from an old Harpers Bazaar fashion shoot with her son Ryder. Now, I have never looked that glamorous shopping for groceries, doing my laundry or filling my car with petrol. Is it just me or is there something special about Kate?!


Images via American Harpers Bazaar


Laura said...

I wish I looked half that good... but then again, I think I'd have trouble chasing the kids down in those heels!

The enchanted home said...

I loved this shoot with Kate in fact I think this is the best I have ever seen her look, I am not her biggest fan but she looked amazing in each one of these photos...the shiny metals and her makeup was stunning!

Vintage och morrhår said...

I don´t know Melissah, think there are some arrangement going on with those pic ; )
Love her too, thanks for sharing. Now I´m going to move my car so I don´t get a ticket, wearing my evening glitter dress as always.

CreativeMama said...

I am not much into celebrity fashion, so can't comment on that.

I like your blog over all and am glad to have found it. Thanks for visiting my Sewing & Tutorials blog Adithis Amma Sews. Hope you continue to drop and post your comments and suggestions. Thanks for visiting.

Amy@AmyMartineauInteriorDesign-TheBlog said...

Melissah, thanks for visiting my.blog! Your blog is great...keep. up the good work. I too love Kate Hudson and I never.look that fabulous!



Ann said...

Love her movies too
especially the romantic comedies,
and I love her smile.
How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days is my fave movie of hers and I love the song 'Follow You Down' by the Gin Blossoms in there ♥

Ann said...

Love your blog, first-time here,
I'm your new follower.

laura said...

hi there! thanks for your comment in my blog. (: i wish you all the best for yours!

keep on bloggin',

Älskar sött/ Unik kollektion said...

Thank you sooo much Melissa for your nice comment!! It made me sooo glad!!! =)

Its so funny that you have been blogging about Kate Hudston...I just LOVE Kate!! Shes funny, smart, good looking, charming and just sooo divine!!! lol...

Your blog is love able toooo!! =)

Take care!! And welcome back!!

Hugs Malin from Sweden


Love the styling and dresses, very glamorous but down to earth at the same time!!
Regards from London

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