Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Bath Time

I have had a busy, stressful day today - lots of dead lines, lots of running around and the phone has been ringing non-stop. The perfect remedy for days like today is a long, hot soak in a bath tub. Fill the bath almost to the brim with hot, hot water and lots of bubbles, add your favourite bath salts, light a scented candle then lie back and relax. Watch your troubles disappear with the dissipating bubbles!


Melissah xox

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Monday, May 30, 2011

Autumn Baking

Well it was a cold, wet and windy weekend - leaving us with nothing much to do apart from rugging up and staying indoors. The fire roared away all weekend so I thought I would make the most of the wintery weather and do some cooking. One of the kids is in the middle of exams and the other is learning the guitar off his very talented dad. So with the two of them strumming away I set about baking a chocolate cake for afternoon tea and a apple pie for dessert. With the lovely aroma from the oven, the warmth of the fire and good food to look forward to I think everyone was very contented!


Melissah xox
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Sunday, May 29, 2011

My Dream Holiday in Bora Bora

The great thing about a tropical vacation is that you get to truly relax and unwind. It took us very little time to get into holiday mode and leave behind the daily grind and thoughts of work, clients, bills and household chores. A massage at the day spa did wonders, the luxury rooms with the complimentary french champagne helped and the Pina Colada at the Pool Bar had me so relaxed I could hardly remember my name let alone any of my worries! Okay I am exaggerating a little but warm weather, beautiful surroundings and quality time together really does wonders for the soul! It doesn't have to be Bora Bora but it's just great to get away and break the routine and remind yourself that there's more to life than work!

The Day Spa
Arriving by boat
Compliments of the resort
Island style
An Icy Treat
Working off that ice-cream!
Every view is photo worthy
Tahitian style!
The real McCoy!

Melissah xox

Photos taken by Scrapbook

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Scandinavian Kitchen Style

I am a late bloomer and only really found out what blogging was all about six months ago. When I started to check out a few design blogs I came across a lot of very talented Scandinavian blogs. I fell in love with their very simple, clean design lines and their very defined colour palette of white on white with highlights in grey, beige and taupe. When they use colour it is restrained and muted. Their preferred  fabrics are natural and textured - namely wool, cotton and linen with lots of white painted timber. A little bit 'Shabby Chic' in style but with a modern twist. Here are a few images from a couple of great blogs that personify Scandavian style - 'Modern Country' and 'Min Lilla Veranda'.

Melissah xox
Images were sourced from the following sites - My Summer House, Sanctuary, Modern Country

Friday, May 27, 2011

Miss Dior Cherie

I felt so inspired by the latest "Miss Dior Cherie' campaign starring the lovely Natalie Portman I decided to buy a bottle of the perfume as I raced through the duty free at the airport. The campaign, shot in Paris by Sofia Coppola of 'Marie Antoinette' fame is pretty and romantic. The clip features Natalie and  a handsome young  newcomer, twenty year old Alden Ehrenreich. The background song 'Je t'aime' by Bridgette Bardot and Serge Gainsborough also just happens to be one of my favourites. This is the first time Natalie has ever endorsed a brand or a product so she also must think it's pretty nice fragrance!

Images via Dior website

 Here is a little preview of the ad.

Melissah xox

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Alex Perry for Waterford Crystal

Australian Fashion Designer Alex Perry along with Collette Dinnigan have found a niche market in opulent, show-stopping gowns. Alex Perry is the perfect choice for the fashion collaboration with Waterford Crystal. He has designed gowns that are light, transparent and dramatic inspired by crystal chandeliers and champagne flutes. The resulting dresses are a study in true fantasy glamour with Perry's signature corsets embellished with jewel-like crystals finishing in layers of soft tulle in nudes and lilacs.

Images via Alex Perry

Melissah xox

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Beautiful Bora Bora

Here a few extra photos from my Bora Bora trip. What an amazingly fantastic trip! From the moment you step off the plane you are enveloped in warm, balmy air and greeted by friendly Tahitians with a frangipani lei playing the Ukulele you know you are somewhere special. The highlights of the trip would have to be the breathtaking scenery and the colour of the water which changes from aqua to turquoise to sapphire. The resort was the best hotel I've ever stayed in with stylish decor and a glamorous crowd. Our overwater bungalow had a glass coffee table that slid across so you could feed the fish that were swimming under your bungalow. The swim off deck was a great spot for snorkeling amongst the hundreds of tropical fish and the perfect place for a cocktail at sunset! The food was superb with the highlight being the seafood buffet with the Polynesian dance show. 

The Intercontinental Resort
A perfect spot for a hammock
The view back to our beach bungalow
Derek and I feeling very relaxed!
The friendly locals!
Our overwater bungalow
The main pool
A good way to work off the buffet breakfast!
The pool bar
The swim up bar - the barman added the flower!
Tropical flowers
Tropical Colours
My handsome husband!
Relaxing Poolside
Melissah xox

Photos by taken by Scrapbook

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