Thursday, September 29, 2011

Modern Paris Interiors

When I think of a typical Parisienne interior :- aged parquetry floors, crystal chandeliers, gilded mirrors and antique Louis furniture comes to mind. However, there is a very different side to Paris interiors. The apartments are still old and gracious but the furniture is clean lined and modern. The colour palette is bold and simple and the pieces are architectural. Designers like Christain Liagre are leading the way with their contemporary lines whilst still respecting the time honored traditions of quality furniture making. These interiors are all great examples of this new breed of furniture design. 
Melissah xox

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Daryl Wark said...

Christain Liagre is one of my most favourite Designers, his work is modern but classic. Work he did 20 years ago still looks as fresh as if it was finshed yesterday.
Love all the photos,
All my best wishes,

Anonymous said...

love each and everyone of can drop me off and I would be extremely happy!

Beach Coast Style said...

You can drop me off at any one of these spaces and I would be extremely happy.

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