Friday, September 9, 2011

Ski Bunny

As the sun shines and the days warm up the snow slowly begins to melt and I am off to the mountains for a few days of Spring skiing. There is something about the whole rigmarole of skiing that I find very bizarre. Strange clothing, awkward, uncomfortable ski boots, insanely early mornings, aching muscles and bruised shins, I ask myself 'why the passion?' The answer is in the awe inspiring beauty of the scenery, the freedom, the grace of the sport and the exhilaration! It's strange how wine and a hot, carb-loaded meal at lunch can make tired muscles subside and broken bodies recover! After a day's hard skiing - a fire never felt so warm or looked so inviting, food never tasted so good and a hot bath never felt so relaxing! Happy weekend!

Melissah xox


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