Miss Dior

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Here is the French Version of  the TV Commercial

Oscar-winning filmmaker Sophia Coppola has brought her fashion sense to the very cute and colourful commercial for Dior's 'Miss Dior Chérie' fragrance.
The commercial follows Belarusian model Maryna Linchuk dressed sweetly in Dior, riding a bicycle around Paris. Pastel helium balloons, a gourmet French patisserie and Brigitte Bardot's "Moi Je Joue" combine to make this a playful short film one you'll want to watch again and again.
Blushing Beauty  


There is something very feminine and alluring about the delicate shades of blush, tea rose and peach. These soft, romantic,  ultra feminine colours conjure up images of lace, milliner's netting, fabric roses, long satin gloves, hat boxes tied with satin bows, powder puffs, silk negligees and old fashioned roses. It makes me think of elegant ladies sipping tea in their parlours with French chandeliers and silk upholstered antique furniture. 

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Very Valentina

Images via Ralph Lauren

Valentina Zelyaeva from Russian and she has been my favourite model for a number of years. I am not the only one who shares this sentiment as she is also the face of Ralph Lauren. She has a very lucrative, long term term contract with them so she is now rarely seen on the European catwalks. Her look is one of classic beauty. It transcends time and fashion trends and she forever looks elegant, effortless and stylish. These are some of my favourite photos of her.

Manicure Heaven

I always seem to be too busy to take some time out to paint my nails. But this year I promise I will put more time aside for this small and inexpensive luxury. I feel well dressed if my nails are well maintained, painted and glossy. I always admire other women with elegant hands and polished nails. I love French Manicures and pale neutral colours because they are elegant understated but for summer holidays I like a splash of colour. 
Gisele shows us how it's done!
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Vintage Beauty

Memories of my grandmother's dressing table.

As a kid I used to love going over to my grandma's and playing dress ups with all of the things on her dressing table. I had endless hours of fun putting on strands of pearls, vintage broaches, powdering my nose from ornate gold compacts and admiring myself in her fancy hand held mirror. I would spritz myself with perfume from heavy, old fashioned bottles that sat elegantly on silver trays before pulling on a pair of long satin gloves and parading around before an amused audience. Here are a few reminders of those fun filled days.
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Hot Pink

Now that summer is here I feel like adding some punch to my make-up palette. I don't think I'm brave enough to do the full hot pink lip gloss but I do like to paint my toe nails in bright shades for summer, pink is my favourite but I like to mix it up with a bright poppy red and orange for a splash of citrus.

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Spring Pastels



I am loving the new seasons pastels in delicious shades of
 blush pink, peach and apricot 
.... almost good enough to eat!
They are soft and delicate - perfectly suited to the sorbet shades
we are seeing on the catwalks this season.

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Feeling Minty?



An easy way to wear this season's big pastel trend is on your nails. Pick your favourite shade of mint, lilac, pale blue, blush pink or lemon ad paint away! If you are feeling a little more daring then mix five different shades for a fun, summer look. These sorbet pastels are soft and feminine and work back with the Laduree shades we are seeing on the catwalk. Use a gloss top coat for a high fashion feel or add a swipe of glitter for a party look. I'm loving minty shades like peppermint and spearmint for spring.

Jade by Chanel

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