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A Little Retail Therapy 



A perfect day always includes a little retail heaven - shoes, bags, perfume and cosmetics are my happiest purchases as they involve relatively little 'trying on'. Favourite boutiques include Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Tiffanys but it's usually just browsing unless it's Christmas or an extra special birthday! I always stop somewhere stylish for a leisurely lunch to rest my weary feet and the day is never complete without afternoon tea with a dainty treat to make the day that extra bit special! 

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  A Relaxing Weekend


I love relaxing, lazy weekends with nothing much to do
except for perhaps:-
a glass or two of chilled white wine
dinner out at cosy restaurant on Saturday night
a long lie in on Sunday morning
a little shopping and a coffee with a girlfriend
catching up on pile of unread magazines
 trying out some new recipes
 finishing off my book curled up on my comfy sofa.
Just perfect!

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Girl's Night In

One of my favourite things is having my girlfriends over to watch the latest 'It Series'. We started off all those years ago with '90210' and Melrose Place'. We progressed to 'Sex In The City' and our latest obsession is 'Revenge'. A girl's night in always involves plenty of champagne, lot's of laughter, popcorn, some juicy gossip and a good all round catch up!
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Fun Fair


There's something enchanting and mystical about carnivals and fairgrounds :- the vibrant colours, the flashing lights, the rides and the fairy floss. It fills the air with magic - it reminds me of a happy childhood days! I love the scary fast rides - that spin you upside down and make you feel sick! The crazy dodgem cars make me laugh hysterically because I'm such a terrible driver and I always have to finish off the evening with one of these delicious but very unhealthy 'dagwood dogs'!

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Vogue Love

I have been reading and collecting Vogue magazines for as long as I can remember. Back when I was 12 or 13 and pocket money was hard to come buy I would spend hours on end at the local library reading fashion magazines. I started off with French Elle and American Seventeen then progressed to Vogue. At fashion school I spent a small fortune on magazines and to this day it's still one of my favourite ways to relax- a cup of tea and the latest copy of Vogue and I'm in heaven!

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Sunday Bliss



A perfect Sunday is one where I get to indulge and pamper myself ....

we are talking Sunday brunch in my PJ's
time for a manicure and pedicure
a facial and a hair treatment
sweet indulgences in the afternoon
free time to draw, paint and be creative
and time to catch up on some much needed sleep.

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Weekend Pleasures



My favourite weekends are full of girly indulgences. They start with a long and luxurious lie in, then it's a strong cup of coffee and breakfast in bed to wake myself up. I always skim through the the daily papers before catching up on what's happening in the latest Vogue. Shopping is always on the list - I like to keep an eye on the latest trends and when I'm done with the window shopping I treat myself to a latte and something sweet and sugary. I finish off the weekend with a long, relaxing bath so I am refreshed and re-energised ready to face the working week.

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Weekend Glamour

A girl never sparkle too much!

I love it when there's something glamorous on the weekend ~
a stylish party with my girlfriends
or a romantic night out with just my husband.
I think it's fun getting dressed up and putting on a little sparkle!
I'm addicted to anything that glitters, shimmers and shines.
I like pretty colours, frills and ruffles,
I like up-dos, manicured nails and anything
chic and stylish.

This is a perfect party outfit

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