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There's nothing like getting glammed up and being invited to an elegant Soiree or a stylish party. For me, it happens a lot less these days but this year I am determined to get out and about a bit more and make more of an effort... no excuses! There's nothing like putting on a pair of sky high heels, a party frock, some glossy lipstick and painting your nails to get you in he mood for a night to remember! 

Here are a few images that get me inspired.

Images via Pinterest 
One Enchanted Evening

All that glitters...!

A great way to finish off a busy working week is to kick off your heels and open a bottle of French Champagne. Slowly the stress and anxiety of the working week melts away and the possibilities of the weekend ahead seem endless. Once the bubbles kick in you will find yourself with renewed energy to get dressed up, go out and have some fun. 

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Entertaining With Friends

Images via  'Donna Hay', Call Me Cupcake

It's that time of the year to put on your party frock, open a bottle of bubbly and celebrate with friends. Mix up a batch of your favourite cocktail, stock up on ice, whip up a batch of canapes and other delicate morsels. Spend the afternoon sipping champagne, grazing on finger food, laughing and catching up on the gossip.

Party Marie Antoinette Style

Images via 'Marie Antoinette'

Be inspired by the film 'Marie Antoinette' - get your friends together, dress up and throw a lavish afternoon tea party. If you are into history, costume design, fashion and all things French and you haven't seen the film already then hire it on DVD one rainy afternoon. It's a refreshingly modern take on history directed by Sofia Coppola. It's a visual feast of silk, feathers, ruffles, lace, corsets, delicate pastries, extravagant cakes and sumptuous set designs. Here are few stills taken from the movie.

Following are a few images from a fashion shoot inspired by the film 'Marie Antoinette' think iced cupcakes, meringues, macaroons, fresh strawberries, layered cakes and of course, French champagne!

The Mad Hatter's Tea Party

Images via Korean Vogue Girl

What a magical, ethereal, modern day take on Alice in Wonderland this is. Everything about this shoot for Teen Vogue is sweet, pretty and romantic from the model, to the cakes, to the table settings and the candy coloured shoes. Now I would love to throw an afternoon tea party that looked like this one!

Donna Hay Party Style

Donna's annual children's issue has been a great source of inspiration for endless fun parties. I have had a lot of enjoyment pouring over these pages.

Donna Hay

I am a big fan of Donna Hay. She has had a huge influence on my life and has truly inspired me to achieve greater heights as a designer. Not only have I ended up as a better cook because of her but I have been inspired by her creative styling techniques and clever ideas. We have ended up with some pretty amazing parties over the years thanks to Donna! 
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