Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Australia Day

Today is Australia Day - it's the middle of summer and a public holiday so the best way to celebrate is to gather some friends, fire up the barbecue, kick back for the afternoon and enjoy the sunshine. Whip up a pavlova and top it with fresh strawberries and cream, make some homemade lamingtons and serve up some mini meat pies topped with an 'aussie' flag. It might not be the most sophisticated of parties but it will sure to be a load of fun. Go on, throw another prawn on the barbie!

Food images via Donna Hay
If you are feeling energetic here a few ideas to host an extra special Australia Day beach barbecue. Send out some red, white and blue invitations. Fill up some big ice buckets with cold drinks, hang the Australian flag from the balcony, hand out pairs of thongs with Aussie gift tags to your guests, bundle up knives and forks with a serviette and tie them with red and white striped ribbon. It's amazing how much more fun your friends with have if you put in that little bit of extra effort!  

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Razmataz said...

Hi Melissah. Thank your taking the time to read my blog. I had a quick look at your blog and it looks great. I must say I like blogs with a variety of stuff.

I think you have a good eye for gorgeous photos and I like the way you have put it together.

If I may make one suggestion. Move your followers list up to the top. It is too far down if someone wishes to follow you they can;t see it unless they scroll down many posts. Also did you know your comments are "No Reply" meaning people have to go into your blog to return a message to you rather than just reply to you comment/email when they get it.


Carla said...

Happy Australia Day.. What a beautiful colourful post. Carla

the gardeners cottage said...

hi and thank you for visiting my blog. i love blogs that combine all things stylish, food, fashion, travel and anything else that should be done stylishly. may i suggest you put that gorgeous pic of yourself that is hiding way down on the bottom of your sidebar, way up on top. it's perfect!

australia day sounds v fun. i hope you enjoyed your day off.


cool hunter said...

nice to meet you!!! thanks for write me ;)

Ilka von Torok said...

Hy Dera!Thanks for visit and comment :)!!!!
Amazing blog!I'm your nwe follower!

kisses Ilka

Jen said...

You have a gorgeous little blog here! Exactly what I like. I'm now following!

Happy Tuesday Darling! xo

Heidi said...

Happy Australia day. Cute blog, love all things Australia. I'm kinda a fanatic. Thanks for stopping by. Heidi

Heaven's Walk - said...

Hi Melissah! Happy Australia Day! :) Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving your nice comment! I thought I'd pop by for a visit, too. Your blog is just so full of beautiful photos and inspiration - and I'm happily following!

There's another lovely Aussie who's blog I follow. Maybe you know Sarah who lives in Sydney? She has a blog called A Beach Cottage. I've got her on my sidebar if you'd like to visit her. :) She's alot of fun!

Great meeting you - and we'll chat soon!

xoxo laurie

Running Thread said...

Aussie, Aussie. Aussie ... hope you're having a lovely Australia Day melissa. Your blog is lovely! So many interesting images. This is my first visit and I'll be back

Rosebud and Bluebells said...

Hi Melissah,
Thankyou for your lovely comment left on my blog. Your blog is lovely! It's fresh and vibrant, funky and vintage style all at the same time. Good luck with your blogging you are sure to make some lovely new friends. Pop back over again sometime and I will do the same.

maureen @ The Inglenook Decor said...

ooohhhh aaaahhh love love Australians! Happy Australia day to u! Your blog is super adorable...thanks for stopping by mine! I hope to c u again.

Number Twenty One said...

Thank you for visiting 'Inspire with No21'
I cannot believe you are new to blogging.....a very professional full site.
Enjoy! No21x

Room Seventeen said...

Hi Melissa, thank you for visiting my blog :-)

Claudia Lane said...

Hi Melissa, happy Australia day to u too!
Love this images - food looks yummy, colours are gorgeous :))

Mary Jo from TrustYourStyle said...

Happy Australia day! So hard to imagine the middle of summer as I'm running the heat here, but it makes me glad summer's only a few months out.

xo Mary Jo

Poppies and Sunshine said...

I can't wait for summer over here!
You have a great blog :)

Melissah said...

Thanks everyone for your valued comments and feedback - I've made a few of those changes re: moving my followers list & photo up the top so hopefully that will improve things. This is all still a learning game for me.

Anonymous said...


I'd love to haul that boatshed into my back yard. :)

Welcome to the wonderful and quirky world of bloggers.

Martha B.

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