Friday, January 14, 2011

Tiffany Blue

There aren't many of us that don't get excited by those little blue Tiffany boxes full of promise. I was in Tiffany's pre-Christmas...just browsing, when a waiter dressed to the max in tails and white gloves offered me a baby cupcake served from a silver platter. It was almost too good to eat! The icing was the perfect match to the Tiffany blue and to top it off it was covered in glittery sanding sugar in the same colour. What a lovely treat when doing some Christmas shopping. I ended up not buying anything but it did make for a memorable visit!

The perfect gift!

Following are a series of images where the Tiffany blue trademark colour has been used in all other aspects of our everyday life. Not only is an incredibly popular accent colour for weddings but we also see it in fashion, accessories, shoes, fabric, interior decorating, food design and even kitchen appliances!

That Tiffany Blue sparkle
Party Decorations

Kitchen Aid Appliances
Satin Heels
Velvet Luxury
Bathing Indulgences
A bathroom with charm
A splash of colour
A feminine workspace
Some bright accents
Subtle Colour 

Melissah xox


chateaudelille said...

I just adore Tiffany blue and I jagged the colour on some cupcakes I made for a kitchen tea. I was very pleased so I posted about them too. Fiona

Sarah Klassen said...

Such a pretty and iconic color!

I could never tire of it, and have such fond memories associated with this color... my first time at Tiffany's in Manhattan at 16, a painting with a little hint of this color by my boyfriend, my first piece of Tiffany's... *sigh* thank you for taking me back and for sharing such beautiful inspiration. I adore the velvet touches in that one photo -- stunning!

I hope you have a lovely weekend. Thank you so much for the kind comment the other day :)

Rene said...

Oh I adore Tiffany blue! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog so that I could discover your lovely blog. Cheers!


A Room For Everyone said...

What a beautiful blog! Only someone super stylish (unlike myself) could put this together. These colours are beautiful, I particularly love spearmint. Rachaelxx

Meet Vanessa said...

I ADORE Tiffany Blue! I did my baby boy's nursery in this color! Thanks for stopping by V&V!


Blighty said...

This is fab! So want a Tiffany Blue Kitchen Aid now. You have such a great eye. Oh dear, the gap between these pics and the reality of my everyday life ( boy socks heating up gently on the radiators, muddy football boots by the door) is immense!

CR Wall said...

One of my absolute favorite shades, Tiffany Blue. Seems to be fave shade for Martha Stewart, and many other designers. Thanks for a gorgeous post!

Anonymous said...

I love those shoes so much! what brand are they? And do you know where I could buy a pair?

Melissah said...

Sorry I can't help you on the shoes but if I zoom in & use my imagination I am wondering it it could say J Crew on the innersole - but the image is on old one I had saved for a long time so chances are it may no longer be available.

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