Monday, January 31, 2011

Rouge Coco

Vanessa Paradis, French actress and singer has a long on-going relationship with both Chanel and, more famously, Johnny Depp. She is the current face of Rouge Coco lipstick as well as the Chanel 'Cocoon' handbag line. The latest advertising campaign is both romantic and ethereal. I now feel like shying away from my soft neutral lipstick palette and moving into something more adventurous like the coral tones of  'Mademoiselle'. Rouge Coco is available in thirty shades and is named after details that define Coco Chanel's life like 'Camelia', 'Paris' and 'Gabrielle'.



Images via Chanel website


Anonymous said...

I have maybe seven/eight shades of this lipstick, and I swear--my lips feel better when wearing it! It's marvelous. Plus Chanel always does reds perfectly!

Melissa K said...

I love that shade of lipstick she's wearing - just gorgeous (and the lucky thing gets JD - some girls have all the luck!) - Melissa xx

PS Thanks for the reply about the clothes in one of your previous posts x

CR Wall said...

Gorgeous! Please, can you tell me which shade is the lipstick shown at bottom? Really beautiful, thank you!

Frenchy said...

I have to say ! I love your blog ! You have great taste and your posts are very fun !
I am following you for sure and would love a follow back...and...would love also if you linked your French inspired posts to the French Obsession tomorrow Feb 1st. People would love it !
I just watched a movie with vanessa Paradis. She started her career in France we we were both teens.
I am always surprise when i think she represents Chanel makeup because she does'nt wear very much makeup.
She does wear red Chanel lipstick very well. I think she is gorgeous and a great actress.

Blayne Beacham said...


Lagelle said...

Hi Melissah, great looking blog here! btw I wear Chanel lipstick, thanx 4 ur visit & comment on my blog <3


Melissah said...

Dear CR Wall,
In response to the lipstick shade you liked - I'm sorry but I don't know what it is - I just downloaded the image from the internet. Now you have a great excuse to pop into a Chanel Beauty counter!

chateaudelille said...

Ill have to try them. Especially since it has french names in the choices. An extra added touch to the morning grooming process.Fiona

designchic said...

I love Chanel lipstick - always the perfect if I could only afford that Chanel suit I want!!

Claudia Lane said...

"Class is not water..."
Always love a bit of Chanel :))

Frenchy said...

Hi sweetie,
The linky tool will be on my blog tomorrow. It is simple. You click the blue button, then link the post as an example.
Then write the title you want, then your Email (Stays private).
Then you enter link button and chose the picture and that's it !

Then to link back. Grab a button HTML and post it on your side bar or put a link to my blog from your post .
Hightlight the name of the blog you write, click the Link button when you are editing your post.Copy and paste the blog address.

things that sparkle said...

Thanks so much for stopping by Things That Sparkle! So happy to have found your blog through your comment. And I adore the dress Vanessa is wearing in those pictures!

Jaime @ La vie...J'aime said...

such a beautiful ad campaign... i am more of a gloss person but who can resist chanel anything? :)

A Room For Everyone said...

Beautiful post. Vanessa Paradis is so gorgeous..Rachaelxx

Allison {Live Love Small} said...

what a fun blog you have! thanks for stopping by mine. i'll be following you now. ;)

The French Maid said...

This is some seriously pretty makeup!
--Lee Ann

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