Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Millswyn

Restaurant Review
Fresh, light hearted and playful – the Millswyn is a new French style Brasserie in Melbourne. Famed interior designers Hecker Gunthrie have fitted out the café and restaurant with a minimalistic Nordic feel. After being inspired by a review in a magazine I popped in to have lunch and check it out. Set directly across from the lovely Royal Botanical Gardens the Millswyn takes over from Lynch’s which was one of Melbourne’s most iconic restaurants. The Millswyn takes on a new tempo with its bright white café, tiled walls and high marble benches. The restaurant by contrast followed a darker palette. My lunch was light and simple making the most of fresh, seasonal produce. Definitely worth calling in on.

Images via 'The Millswyn' website


Claire Jackson said...

Hello Melissah, so pleased you have found my blog, and so pleased in return to have discovered yours - it's absolutely divine!!!!
All the designers, interior style places and more that I too love! Congratulations on a divine catalogue of inspiration.

I had lunch recently at The Millswyn with my friends, and it is a gorgeous interior and great food, I'll definitely will be returning again soon! Best wishes and thank you so much for sharing links, my new dose of inspiration!

Claire :-)

Jordana @ White Cabana said...

SO pretty! I need to really get over to Melbourne - soon! But gosh - it's just such a long flight from Canada. Darn.

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