Sunday, January 16, 2011

Feeling Minty

The hot new colour for spring and summer are nails in  mint, pale blue and variations thereof. I don't think it will be a fashion trend that's here to stay but why not buy a bottle and have some fun. Peppermint  and spearmint are the perfect colours for this year's tropical beach vacation!

Colour Inspiration
Chanel Polish in Jade
Chanel Polishes in Riva
Fantasy Make-up
Summer Shades


Melissa K said...

Hi, I just found your blog recently and I've really enjoyed reading your posts :)
I love these nail colours, it's the middle of winter here, but I could definitely see these being on my wish list for summer! - Melissa

Kymmie said...

Love this colour. It's so fresh and... minty! x

Sarah said...

Great colour!
Just letting you know I've tagged you for a blog award on my blog. You don't have to play along if you don't want to just wanted to share your blog with those who read mine.
Hope you're having a beautiful day xx

laissezfaire said...

beautiful! x

Marina said...

Just found you blog ... its lovely and am now following.

I love the 527 Nouvelle vague shade ... and so looking forward to spring/summer!

Maliva`s verden said...

So nice that you left a comment at me, so I also took forward to your amazing beautiful scrapbook. There were a lot of inspiration to retrieve, so I'll be back soon:o)

AB HOME Interiors said...

Mint, hmmm that sounds fresh and lovely. Mint ice cream is so yummy too! I like the idea of this for my next pedicure!

M.A.the2nd said...

I am going straight to buy myself the Chanel mint greens .... YUM! My favs were Jade and Riva!Have a lovely day...
best wishes

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