Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Let's Celebrate

Now that summer is well and truly here it makes me feel like celebrating. I love a good party and an excuse will do - birthday, anniversary, promotion, going away, new born or simply just for fun of it. Go that extra mile and fill the house with balloons, hand out some sparklers, open up some French champagne, play some good music, mix up a batch of your favourite cocktail and sprinkle around some confetti. You guests are bound to have a an extra good time and a night they will remember...or maybe not!

Decorate the house
Order some helium balloons
Sprinkle confetti around
Add a little sparkle
Open a bottle of bubbly
Make a birthday cake



fashionelle said...

i just discovered your blog and it's SO BEAUTIFUL!!
i love how uniform the color palette is through all your posts.
keep up the pastel, the fantasy, impeccable taste, and the ethereal.
loving it.


Style Maniac said...

These images are so soft and gorgeous ... and your party plans sound divine!

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